The BAATO network seeks to reflect the many who are committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing, the psychological needs of Black and Asian people in Britain.



Black and Asian Therapists On-line student support groups

A support group for those of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage who are training to become psychotherapist and counsellors

Training to become a Black or Asian psychotherapist or counsellor presents us with the challenge of finding our voice within the silence of our minority experience. The BAATO Student Support Groups provide a space for students with an African, Asian or Caribbean heritage to tell their stories, clarify their dilemmas, and be met with enthusiasm, dialogue and support.

There will be two groups which will run throughout the academic year 09 – 10. Meetings will be monthly. Each group will be facilitated by two qualified and registered psychotherapists who themselves have an Asian, African or Caribbean heritage and the groups will be open to all students whatever their theoretical orientation.

Venue: Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, London N4 3JP
Commitment: Each group comprises of 4 monthly meetings
Cost: £15 per meeting

Saturday group A: 24th Oct 09, 14th Nov 09, 12th Dec 09, 16th Jan 10
10:30am - 1:00 (Facilitators Eugene Ellis and Dena Mosco)
Saturday group B: 6th Feb 10, 6th March 10, 3 April 10, 1st May 10
10:30am - 1:00 (Facilitators Eugene Ellis and Poppy Banerjee)

Monday Group A: 7th Dec 09, 11th Jan 10, 8th Feb 10, 1st March 10
6:30pm - 9pm (Facilitators Cheryl Griffith and Robert Sookhan)
Monday Group B: 15th March 10, 12th April 10, 10th May 10, 7th June 10 (6:30pm - 9pm (Facilitators to be confirmed)

To book a place in one of the groups please send a cheque with your completed booking form. We will acknowledge your booking and send a receipt by return of post

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