The BAATO network seeks to reflect the many who are committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing, the psychological needs of Black and Asian people in Britain.



You can't remake the world, without remaking yourself.
Each new era begins within. It is an inward event,
with unsuspected possibilities, for inner liberation.
From Mental Fight by Ben Okri

Welcome to the Black and Asian Therapists network.

Making a decision to see a therapist is a big step for many people. Acknowledging that you have a problem, and arriving at the point where you are ready to talk about it, can be difficult. While it isn't a counsellor’s job to provide specific answers a counsellor can help focus on the issues of importance.

Many people feel uncomfortable about the prospect of talking about things that are distressing or even embarrassing to a complete stranger. On the other hand, people often find it much easier to tell their problems to someone they do not know and who has no expectations of them. Not every therapist is going to be qualified to provide the support for your particular issues nor is there going to be a "meeting of the minds" with every therapist who might have the qualifications. Therapy is a very personal experience and you must have faith in your therapist's abilities. If you’re worried about the intensity of your feelings or thoughts whatever you say or show (feelings), your therapist most likely won't be shocked.

Looking at your mental heath does not mean that your whole life is broken. You might be really OK in many areas of your life but there's that grey area which you have been avoiding or putting up with that still interferes with living life the way you want.

There is effective theraputic work being done with all types of Black and Asian people. Including professional men and women, people struggling with work issues, people that feel life is going no where, professional couples working on their relationships, people who feel that they are ready for a change in their lives and also those with serious life affecting mental health struggles.

This network shows our commitment and expertise and highlights that there are many who have recognised, and are actively engaged in addressing, the psychological needs of Black and Asian people in Britain and giving them permission and inspiration to look at their mental heath in ways that they have not done before.

This online resource will inform you about what to expect when you see a Therapist, it allows you to search for experienced and qualified Black and Asian Therapists in your area, there is a forum so that you can chat to our network of experts with questions and requests and there is help in finding appropriate free services. All the information is accessible and relevant to the Black and Asian community in the UK.

Eugene Ellis
MA, Dip. I.A.T.E, Cert. in Counselling,
U.K.C.P registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist.

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