The BAATO network seeks to reflect the many who are committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing, the psychological needs of Black and Asian people in Britain.


What people are saying about the site

"Just to let you know I have had a couple of people self refer from the listing on the website. So thanks!" - Joanne Carmen Joanne Ablack- CIRL

"I think this website is a great idea - I was saddened that there appeared to be nobody in Wales, although I have students on my courses who one day..." Simon O'Donohoe

"Thanks for your work with the BAATO, its a great resource and much needed"
Shobhika Moreau

"I just wanted to say well done, in creating such a much needed site. It is well presented and professional. I wish you the very best of luck" - Angela Williams

"I am inspired by your commitment and endurance of making this website and the network work. It is very much needed" Angela E. Barrows

"The mission is engaging in that the focus is on wellness and not illness which can move into prevention and not cure. I believe that a network of committed therapy professionals can have a valid voice in the current arena." - Ros Guthrie

"Love the idea of “peak mental fitness”. If society could see looking after one’s mental health as equally as important as looking after one’s physical health, my aim would be achieved. People don’t mind going to the gym etc now, although a generation ago that was considered only for fitness freaks. Maybe counselling will become more acceptable too" - Rachel

"I am a qualified counsellor of Indian/ West Indian parentage. I was delighted to read about your directory and to have the opportunity to net work with fellow Black & Asian therapists, best wishes" - Jay Teare

"I wish you and all of us using this site (clients and counsellors) the best of luck and I hope this will encourage the black community to harness the wealth of knowledge that is there in the community. Once again thanks" - Valerie Valero

"Congratulations on the launch of this directory which was long overdue" - Kenyah Nyameche

"I was delighted to see your advert about the on-line directory for Black and
Asian Therapists. Something which I wanted to initiate myself for sometime but never got around it so to see it happening was delightful" - Shukla Dhingra

"I was listening to your interview in Life Conversations - I enjoyed it,
thanks for sharing your thoughts. Peace & Blessings" - Linda Kleida Romera

"Think the site is a really good idea and I like what I see" - Maureen Perkins

"I am really interested in this opportunity to link up with other therapists" - Patricia Rea-Woodhouse

"I was browsing through my copy of the 'Psychotherapist' (a pschotherapists journal) and came across your 'article'..I visited the website and agree that such a directory is well over due" - Pauline O'Loughlin

"I am very interested in networking with other black counsellors. Having a Black and Asian directory is a very good idea" - Veronica Wade MBACP (Accred)

"what plans do you have for the development of this group? Are you thinking about UKCP membership as an organisation? It would be good to have a political voice that is culturally specific in and amongst the rest" - Vernon De Maynard

"Thanks for your invitation to be acknowledged on this website, which I
believe is an essential" -
Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga

"I just wanted to say what a good idea this website is. Keep up the good work" - Jean Gregory

I am currently studying on a counselling diploma course and hopefully, one day I may be able to register on your directory. I think it is a brilliant idea. - Marion Hanson

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