The BAATO network seeks to reflect the many who are committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing, the psychological needs of Black and Asian people in Britain.


Benefits to Joining the BAATO Network List
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what are the benefits?

  • Increase the exposure of our services to the Black and Asian community
  • Discover friendships that support your development as a therapist
  • Promote and develop self sufficient therapeutic businesses
  • Connect with other Black and Asian therapists to develop supportive networks around common aims
  • Change the perception of self development in the Black and Asian community
  • Keep up to date with events and trainings
  • Increase the ways that therapy trainees can talk to other trainees and trained therapists in order to gain strategies for increased course success
  • Contribute to taking therapy for Black and Asian people into the main stream
  • Promote and develop effective ways of engaging therapeutically with Black and Asian people

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