The BAATO network seeks to reflect the many who are committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing, the psychological needs of Black and Asian people in Britain.



Here are a selection of articles written by members of the directory and others who reside in the UK.

Psychology in the English - speaking Caribbean  Tony Ward and Frederick Hickling  PDF  Link
Race-specific workplace stress  Aileen Alleyne  .DOC  Link
Black identity and workplace oppression  Aileen Alleyne   PDF  Link
Politics in the therapy room  Beverley Ellis  PDF  Link
Understanding black issues in the therapeutic process. (published in the AUCC journal - summer 2004. Copyright jointly owned by BACP and Isha McKenzie-Mavinga)  Isha McKenzie-Mavinga  PDF  Link
Understanding black issues in postgraduate counsellor training  Isha McKenzie-Mavinga  PDF  Link
The Internal Oppressor and Black identity wounding  Aileen Alleyne   PDF  Link
The internal oppressor - the veiled companion of external racial oppression   Aileen Alleyne   PDF  Link
Psychotherapy in a Multi-Ethnic Society (with particular reference to Muslim clients)  Qulsoom Inayat   PDF  Link
Reworking Stereotypes for Self Identity in a Black Men's Psychotherapy Group   Lennox K Thomas  PDF  Link
Exploring White Racial Identity And Its Impact On Psychotherapy And Psychotherapy Organisations.

(I read a fantastic PhD paper by Judith Ryde, which I have used with white students to help them look at their racial identity. 'Race issues' in training usually focus on the non white experience but she brings home how racialising that is in itself - Ruth Calland) 
Judith Ryde  PDF  Link
African Centered Psychology   Cheryl Tawede Grills, PHD   PDF  Link
Exploring the link between Music and Psychotherapy from a Transpersonal Perspective   Dwight Turner  PDF  Link
Philosophy, ‘Race’ and Mental Health   V. A. De Maynard  PDF  Link
Is Counsellor Training Colour Blind?  Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga  PDF  Link
Confidentiallity in Counselling Asian Clients  Herminder Virdee  PDF  Link
Counselling in Asian Communities  Herminder Virdee  PDF  Link
Frued along the Ganges : Psychoanalytical reflections on the culture and people of india   Edited by Salman Akhtar  PDF  Link
A third individuation: Imigration, Identity and the psychoanalytical process  Salman Akhtar  PDF  Link
What they don't want us to know: How to make life more wonderful  Zhana  PDF  Link
The Smoke That Thunders  Dwight Turner  PDF  Link
Mental Health needs with Asians Part 1   Dr Bobby Sura  PDF  Link
Asian Mental Health:Part 2 - Sources of Stress  Dr Bobby Sura   PDF  Link
Asian Mental Health:Part 3 - Barriers to seeking help for mental health problems  Dr Bobby Sura   PDF  Link
Invisible injuries and silent witnesses:The shadow
of racial oppression in workplace contexts 
Aileen Alleyne  PDF  Link
Forever in My Life:An Afro-Caribbean perspective on intimacy  Dwight D. Turner  PDF  Link
Multicultural Counselling: From diversity to universality  C. H. Patterson  PDF  Link

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