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If you are of Black or Asian Descent and have had an experience of therapy why not tell others about it. It will be particularly valuable for others to hear about what you personally gained from therapy and of your experience with family, friends and colleagues as you have made changes. Add your own experience

Eugene Ellis 
I am now in my 40's and started having therapy when I was in my 20's. My parents are from Jamaica and I had a, what might be called, normal upbringing. You know… the normal beatings and konks on the head with denigrating comments of being no good and in the way. This in itself was not why I felt my life had no pulse but it didn't help. Therapy was something that I did in private and I told very few people about it. I thought that to tell would mean that I would be considered crazy and I didn’t want that. I have tried all kinds of, what might be considered to be, on the edge therapy groups, workshops and plain old individual therapy. What I have gained is a change to my life from shades of grey to one where the colours of life shine through. In practical terms this means I have a great family, do not get knocked off course when things do not go well, am willing to reach further for more, my mind and body have learnt that pain is a part of life and does not mean that I have to stop living and I can honestly say that life is good However I also know that hurt is just around that corner, that’s what life is like, and that things will be alright and that things will get good again.  
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